In a week of positive developments and breaking updates, we have another exciting announcement to make this evening.

Following many fantastic discussions with St Katherine’s Taekwondo Academy, the National Taekwondo Club is pleased to announce that they will now join the nation’s longest serving Taekwondo Club and become known as NTC London (St Katherine’s).

St Katherine’s was set up back in 1991 by Master Mark Sargeant, 5th Dan, who at the time had a vision of providing an opportunity to keep youngsters off the streets and away from crime.

Fast forwarding twenty-six years, the club retained this vision and has become a well-known sports club in the London area.

The club becomes the second branch in as many days to form part of the National Taekwondo Club, joining NTC Gedling (formerly OMAC-UK) and joins fellow branches in Nottingham, Chilwell, Coventry and Liverpool to benefit from the NTC brand and more than one hundred years of collective instructor experience in the sport.

Welcoming the London branch to the organisation is something that Chief Instructor Mark Moores is incredibly privileged to do. He said: “Master Sergeant has decades of experience under his belt and has become a well-known member of the Taekwondo community.

“With his and the rest of the NTC experiences, we have an incredibly unique amount of knowledge and expertise to ensure that all of our students receive the very best input from our coaches and instructors.

“I and the extended NTC team look forward to working closely with Master Sergeant and warmly welcome him and his team to the NTC brand.”

NTC London will remain under the management of Master Mark Sergeant but will benefit from opportunities including joint-training, competitions and the sharing of experience, as well as an increased online presence.