Three National Taekwondo Club students have this week received confirmation in securing a space in GB Taekwondo's 12-month Fighting Chance programme.

Joshua Dancer, Daniel Brown and Dylan Ravenscroft all successfully passed phase one and phase two of the assessment process, leading to a formal offer to join the development programme for the next 12 months.

The programme is designed to help develop an athlete in technical and tactical areas, as well as behaviours and skill-sets that will aid their ability/readiness to thrive within an elite training environment.

Chief Instructor Mark, of the National Taekwondo Club, said: "I'm delighted to see that Daniel, Dylan and Joshua have been successful in the Fighting Chance initiative.

"All three of these athletes are skilled and talented in their individual ways and I know that they will go on to progress and achieve even more successes as a result of their selection to join the Fighting Chance programme - well done lads."

You can follow Joshua's journey with the club on Facebook: Joshua Dancer - National Taekwondo Club.

- The club will also be developing an official social media feed for Daniel and Dylan in the near future.